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Acetarium is a place which gives people the right space to get them started on living the exclusive life.
We can keep you updated for all the events that are about to come your way in the right atmosphere.
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The living quarters allows you to live your life to the best to ensure that you have peace all around.

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There are certain times that you want a space to yourself to study and work, we can make it happen.


We can give you the right space for you to enjoy your meal like a king.

We can make sure that the space that you are being offered gives you the ability to improvise.
The atmosphere is often described as charming and homey

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We can make sure that you have the right person to get you started on the living the exclusive life.

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Why the look and cleanliness of your office matters

Why the look and cleanliness of your office matters

We were inspired to write a post on the topic of office cleanliness by a business friend of ours, Odd. We met him during a work seminar many years ago, and he lives in a town called Bodø (pronounced “Bodoe”), to the north of Norway. When we had a video chat to catch up with each other, we were on the topic of work, when he suddenly asked how our office looked. We thought it was a bit of a strange and sudden question to ask (but then again, his name is Odd!), and we said “it looks alright.” 

Employees and customers will appreciate it

Odd proceeded to tell us about the changes he had seen in his workplace after he started hiring the professional cleaning company Bodø Renhold. They perform every type of cleaning in people’s homes and in business offices, and on their website Renhold Bodø, they give detailed explanations as to why it’s important to have a clean office, and how it can impact the well-being of employees, clients, and visitors.

The truth is, employees spend long workdays at the office, which makes it doubly important that they feel good when they are there. It will impact their enjoyment of work, their productivity, and the likelihood that they will stay for a long time. 

Customers and professionals who visit your office will often judge it based on how good it looks and how clean it is. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” someone says, but in this case, they will. A first impression is always important. It can affect how much business you get.

It declutters your mind

Hearing about these results reminded us of an article in Harvard Business Review on “The Case for Finally Cleaning Your Desk,” which basically says that if you have a cluttered desk, your mind will be cluttered too, and your focus and calm will suffer because of it. 

If this is true for just your desk, what do you think will happen if your entire office is out of whack, with dusty shelves, a dirty floor, and a disorganized interior which is not well-thought-out? 

It’s easy to ask for a review of your office

The best thing about having a clean and good-looking office is that it doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t even cost any money to have a professional cleaner come and review your office to gauge its needs. They will consider things like: 

  • Where are the main problem areas? 
  • Do you even have any problems regarding office cleanliness? 
  • Should the computers be cleaned regularly as well? 
  • Etc. 

To summarize, having a clean and good-looking office is important because it will create a happy and productive working atmosphere for your employees, and it will give your customers and visitors a favorable first impression.

Couple on the floor with carpet tiles besides them

Carpet tiles are becoming a luxury way to decorate your floor

What is the first thing that springs to your mind when you think of carpets? Grandma’s house? Your thinking is about to change once you learn about the carpet tiles: a new trend in interior design that is overtaking normal carpets. But first, let’s look into what carpet tiles are. They are, to put it simply, “carpet squares” – individual tiles of carpeting that can be arranged together. They were initially designed for homeowners to give them an option to install the carpeting themselves. Carpet tiles are most popular in high-traffic spaces such as offices and schools: in fact, about a month ago, an office where I work had its carpeting changed to carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles underneath sofa

Let’s now turn to the reasons that drove carpet tiles to their popularity. First and foremost, they’re easy to install. Their modular nature makes them perfect for fitting, plus, they can be installed in a relatively short time frame, keeping disruptions to the work processes to a minimum. Second, carpet tiles are extremely versatile: with so many design options, shapes, and materials, you can let your wildest interior design dreams come to fruition. Third, carpet tiles are cost-effective as they produce little to no waste, require little storage space, and are easy to transport. Furthermore, they’re durable: they’re able to withstand heavy traffic and are known for their lifespan. Certainly, carpet tiles are a worthwhile investment that will serve you for years to come!

Another advantage is their low maintenance. Carpet tiles are easy to clean and replace as they are low piles, they typically collect less dirt than the regular carpets. Should a problem arise in a certain area, the damaged carpet tile can be easily taken out and replaced. This is a perfect option for families in general, and households with pets in particular. Last but not least is reusability and sustainability. Unlike regular carpets that require wall-to-wall installation and hence generate more waste, carpet tiles are ordered to fit the space, thereby eliminating the waste problem. In the long-term there are benefits too: if you decide to jazz up the design, your carpet tiles can become refurbished and find a new home.

Still unconvinced? Let’s dig deeper into some other factors that contribute to carpet tiles’ popularity. Carpet tiles can have some, or a combination, of the following features:


Manufacturers are now making incredible progress by making new carpet tiles 100% waterproof. The homeowners’ trust in waterproof carpets is so high that in fact they’re now being installed in the basements!


These days the fibers have a special coating that can repel any stains. Doesn’t this sound like pure magic?


Are you environmentally conscious? Carpet tiles are now made from recycled water bottles and synthetic fibers, reducing your household’s carbon footprint.

Carpet tiles are all the rave in 2021 – if you’re planning to refurbish your home this year, be sure to include carpet tiles in your interior design plans!



Electrictian lighting decor

How to use lighting to make an exclusive atmosphere


Light can be used to incite a certain mood or “feel” in any room, whether it be your home, at work, or an event. And it can be used by a professional electrician in Bergen, or by someone who has never dealt much with electricity – except for using it, ready-made.


Lighting can make or break the mood in a room. Think about how different it is to be at a disco, as opposed to being in an office. Bright lights have the power to energize you, and less bright lights may make you feel relaxed. Here are some great ways for how to use lighting to create an exclusive atmosphere.


Create a lighting blueprint

Envision the kinds of activities that are happening in the different sections of your home. Decide on what parts you want to stand out, and the limitations you might have to keep in mind. Will you want to have dinner dates with your partner in the room? Consider getting some dim lights.


Utilize spotlights for emphasis

Spotlights can make a tremendous impact on the atmosphere of your room. If you hang a picture on a wall in a dimly lit room, and then place a lamp just below it, shining onto the picture, you’ll get a much more robust “exclusive” feel in that room. You’ve specifically chosen to emphasize the painting, because it just looks good, but also hopefully because you like the picture in general.


The intensity and size of the spotlight can vary; you can hang a big, dim lamp that shines right down on a table with some chairs to give a calm atmosphere in the garden. This will enable your visitors to be at ease, and might even elicit some compliments. Or you can do as described with the lamp, putting a reasonably intense light underneath the painting.


Illuminate the road

An especially exciting way to use lighting is by illuminating a path you need to go to get somewhere in or outside your house. For example, in the garden, you can have a stone pathway with small lightbulbs shining the way to your seating area, which might be five meters or so away from your house. This is sure to impress any neighbors or guests.


Quality over quantity

When getting into the art of lighting, it can be easy to get so excited you want to try all of these different lights in different ways. It’s all right to experiment a bit, but remember to stay consistent concerning the overall feel, colors, and style you use in your house, especially with regards to lighting. Bright and intense lights will make the room seem more substantial and looser, whereas dim and dark lights will give it a more exclusive and relaxing feel. Think about what resonates most with you, and then make your home consistent with that style.


Once you get the hang of it, you might find that many of your neighbors start coming to you for advice on their lighting, after seeing how well you’ve been able to use it.



What Defines An Exclusive Italian Restaurant?

No matter what part of the world you belong to, you’ll always love Italian cuisine. It’s not only the taste of their food and their exclusive dishes, in fact, the Italian dining culture is quite interesting too, and that’s what we are here to discuss today. Especially if you are going to visit Italy or if you are looking for an Italian restaurant in your country, this article is a must-read for you. Because today we are going to tell you some interesting facts about Italian restaurants and what defines Italian cuisine.

The Dinner Is Served Late

Unlike other countries, Italians eat dinner late. If you head out in Italy in search of dinner at 5:30 pm, chances are that you won’t find a lot of restaurants open at that time. For lunch, these restaurants open at 12 pm and then close by 2:30 pm. Then again these people open their restaurants at 7 pm for dinner. In fact, even if you decide to have dinner by 7:30, you’ll find the restaurant pretty much to yourself alone because Italians usually sit down for dinner by 9:30 or 9 pm. The kitchens however close by 11:30 pm so you have to be a little quick with your meals or you’ll end up with some grumpy waiters, waiting for you to head out.

(Italian pizza from the best italiensk restaurant oslo)

3 Course Meals

Usually, when people visit a restaurant, they just order the main course, and once they are done, they head out. But that’s not what an exclusive Italian restaurant allows you. In an Italian restaurant, you have to order a 3 course meal that starts with appetizers, then comes the pasta and then the meat. Here’s what you’ll see in an Italian menu;

  • Antipasti (appetizer)
  • Primi (pasta first course)
  • Secondi (a main course that has meat in it)
  • Dolci (desserts)
  • Contorni (sides)

Yes, you read that, right! Italians do eat a lot, but the only issue is that you have a very short time to finish your meals. Even if you order all of the above-mentioned things, you’ll still have a maximum of 3 hours to finish it so if you visit an Italian restaurant, make sure to pace things up.

No Bill Splitting Tradition

An exclusive Italian restaurant never manages the requests of the customers that are unreasonable for them or are difficult to manage. Now if you are thinking of handing over three credit cards to the waiter to split one bill then know that this won’t work in an Italian restaurant. You have to make things easier for them and pay them in cash or simply hand over one credit card.

This is all that you should know about an exclusive Italian restaurant. One thing is for sure that if you want some finger-licking good pasta that makes your taste buds go crazy then Italian restaurants are the best place for you. These people have quite strict rules, especially when it comes to great tasting wine, cheese that will melt in your mouth and pasta that will make your mouth all watery.

Water Recreation

Top Water Recreation Activities You Should Offer in Your Beach Resort

When you have a beach resort, and you do not have water activities for your customers, you are wasting haft of the resources you have. It instantly brings down the value of your resort if it does not have any recreational activities for customers. People expect more that just rooms and food when they visit a resort. They need entertainment and fun activities which brings up the vibe to connect and do things together. Here are some of the ideas that you can imply at your beach resort.


If your beach resort is on an island, there is no better way than kayaking that you can provide to your customers to take a tour around the island. It is still a good idea on regular beaches to go at some distance and experience solitude surrounded by waves. Kayaking professionals can take care of themselves, but the people who are experiencing it for the first time need assistance. You can keep it as an additional activity that your customers can do while they are relaxing at your beach resort.

Water Aerobics

With trending medical tourism, people have been traveling to places to learn ways to keep their bodies healthy. You can also host medical programs such as yoga sessions and water aerobics at your beach resort. Water aerobics is a fun water exercise which can be enjoyed by families and seniors. It is a way of exercise which does not make the people realize how much they have worked out since there is no sweat and heat. It will not only be entertaining for older people but will also help them in keeping fit.

Water Aerobics


Parasailing is an adventure sport which requires  a bit of training before experiencing it. It is a popular activity offered by tourism organisations over the beachers. But you can host your own private parasailing acitivity if you have good investment. Your guests will automatically go for it as it involved thrill and a nice view from the top. This is an acitivity which you can consider always booked either by your resort customers or by local people who visit the beach regularly.



If your beach resort has some amazing marine life nearby, you can provide underwater experience to your customers. Everyone wants to experience the rich underwater corals and marine life once, and you can expect a busy schedule in this activity. Snorkeling is a little less complex activity compared to scuba diving but still allows the underwater experience to people. You will need a team of lifeguards and professionals who will train your guests before they can take the experience.


For those who do not know swimming but still want to explore the oceans and seas can take the benefit of sailing while they are enjoying at the beach. Sailing trip to nearby islands or closer to marine life and corals can provide a mesmerizing experience for everyone. It is a luxury experience for people who want to experience the winds of the ocean without being tired.





Dining Experience

Tips to Offer the Perfect Fine Dining Experience to Your Customers

There is a lot more involved in a restaurant than just good food. The ambience of the place also matters in creating a fine dining experience for the customers. If you want to know what your restaurant has been missing all this time which a successful restaurant has, then these tips will help to figure out what can be done right. Good food, find cutlery, comfortable, classy furniture, lighting, and cleanliness are important before we move on to the secrets of find dining restaurants. Make sure that you fulfil all these requirements before you care about additional details.

Menu at fingertips

There is a huge misconception about the menu that the more food variety you have, the more customers you will experience. Which is totally false. In reality, the customers mostly come in to eat a particular type of dish which is famous in a certain restaurant. The waiting staff should be aware of what is on the menu to help the customers in choosing a dish, as they will expect to get some assistance in choosing the dishes. Waiters can suggest some delicacies of the restaurant as well as impress the staff by showing them that they are aware of everything inside the place.



The servers need to be absolutely polite with the customers while taking orders and serving them. They need to be trained to stay calm and take both positive and negative feedbacks from the customers in a hospitable way. They should always greet the customers with a warm and welcoming smile and a solution based approach to all their needs. They need to stay professional throughout their service in order to maintain the well-mannered personality of the entire restaurant.

Eye for detail

Dinner time can be a hectic time for restaurants as they experience heavy crowd hungry for food. During this hassle of serving everyone, they forget the most important thing – the eye for detail. Small things like noticing a half filled glass and refilling it, or cleaning the table for empty plates quicker are some things which creates a lot of difference at how people take the experience. Poor service can leave the customers hungry or thirsty, which will leave an impact on the service of the restaurant for sure.

Hurry is a reason to worry

Restaurants often make the mistake of rushing up their customers incase it is closing time, or they have customers waiting. They do not realise that while they are rushing their customers on the tables for those who are waiting, they are already losing the customers they have on the table. There is no need to worry about potential customers when you are not able to serve your present customers properly. Even during the time of closing, restaurants start to give a negative vibe to the customers who take time to finish their time, and it starts getting late. This attitude will never bring back that customer again. Let them relax and enjoy their food. People mostly come to restaurants to have a good time with friends and family, not to hog on the food quick. If you have potential clients waiting, reserve tables for them. It is better than asking your customers to hurry up.