The Acetarium | Carpet tiles are becoming a luxury way to decorate your floor
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Carpet tiles are becoming a luxury way to decorate your floor

Couple on the floor with carpet tiles besides them

Carpet tiles are becoming a luxury way to decorate your floor

What is the first thing that springs to your mind when you think of carpets? Grandma’s house? Your thinking is about to change once you learn about the carpet tiles: a new trend in interior design that is overtaking normal carpets. But first, let’s look into what carpet tiles are. They are, to put it simply, “carpet squares” – individual tiles of carpeting that can be arranged together. They were initially designed for homeowners to give them an option to install the carpeting themselves. Carpet tiles are most popular in high-traffic spaces such as offices and schools: in fact, about a month ago, an office where I work had its carpeting changed to carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles underneath sofa

Let’s now turn to the reasons that drove carpet tiles to their popularity. First and foremost, they’re easy to install. Their modular nature makes them perfect for fitting, plus, they can be installed in a relatively short time frame, keeping disruptions to the work processes to a minimum. Second, carpet tiles are extremely versatile: with so many design options, shapes, and materials, you can let your wildest interior design dreams come to fruition. Third, carpet tiles are cost-effective as they produce little to no waste, require little storage space, and are easy to transport. Furthermore, they’re durable: they’re able to withstand heavy traffic and are known for their lifespan. Certainly, carpet tiles are a worthwhile investment that will serve you for years to come!

Another advantage is their low maintenance. Carpet tiles are easy to clean and replace as they are low piles, they typically collect less dirt than the regular carpets. Should a problem arise in a certain area, the damaged carpet tile can be easily taken out and replaced. This is a perfect option for families in general, and households with pets in particular. Last but not least is reusability and sustainability. Unlike regular carpets that require wall-to-wall installation and hence generate more waste, carpet tiles are ordered to fit the space, thereby eliminating the waste problem. In the long-term there are benefits too: if you decide to jazz up the design, your carpet tiles can become refurbished and find a new home.

Still unconvinced? Let’s dig deeper into some other factors that contribute to carpet tiles’ popularity. Carpet tiles can have some, or a combination, of the following features:


Manufacturers are now making incredible progress by making new carpet tiles 100% waterproof. The homeowners’ trust in waterproof carpets is so high that in fact they’re now being installed in the basements! The first in the world to introduce waterproof carpet tiles were Teppefliser, a Norwegian-based company in Norway.


These days the fibers have a special coating that can repel any stains. Doesn’t this sound like pure magic?


Are you environmentally conscious? Carpet tiles are now made from recycled water bottles and synthetic fibers, reducing your household’s carbon footprint.

Carpet tiles are all the rave in 2021 – if you’re planning to refurbish your home this year, be sure to include carpet tiles in your interior design plans!



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