The Acetarium | How to use lighting to make an exclusive atmosphere
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How to use lighting to make an exclusive atmosphere

Electrictian lighting decor

How to use lighting to make an exclusive atmosphere


Light can be used to incite a certain mood or “feel” in any room, whether it be your home, at work, or an event. And it can be used by a professional electrician in Bergen, or by someone who has never dealt much with electricity – except for using it, ready-made.


Lighting can make or break the mood in a room. Think about how different it is to be at a disco, as opposed to being in an office. Bright lights have the power to energize you, and less bright lights may make you feel relaxed. Here are some great ways for how to use lighting to create an exclusive atmosphere.


Create a lighting blueprint

Envision the kinds of activities that are happening in the different sections of your home. Decide on what parts you want to stand out, and the limitations you might have to keep in mind. Will you want to have dinner dates with your partner in the room? Consider getting some dim lights.


Utilize spotlights for emphasis

Spotlights can make a tremendous impact on the atmosphere of your room. If you hang a picture on a wall in a dimly lit room, and then place a lamp just below it, shining onto the picture, you’ll get a much more robust “exclusive” feel in that room. You’ve specifically chosen to emphasize the painting, because it just looks good, but also hopefully because you like the picture in general.


The intensity and size of the spotlight can vary; you can hang a big, dim lamp that shines right down on a table with some chairs to give a calm atmosphere in the garden. This will enable your visitors to be at ease, and might even elicit some compliments. Or you can do as described with the lamp, putting a reasonably intense light underneath the painting.


Illuminate the road

An especially exciting way to use lighting is by illuminating a path you need to go to get somewhere in or outside your house. For example, in the garden, you can have a stone pathway with small lightbulbs shining the way to your seating area, which might be five meters or so away from your house. This is sure to impress any neighbors or guests.


Quality over quantity

When getting into the art of lighting, it can be easy to get so excited you want to try all of these different lights in different ways. It’s all right to experiment a bit, but remember to stay consistent concerning the overall feel, colors, and style you use in your house, especially with regards to lighting. Bright and intense lights will make the room seem more substantial and looser, whereas dim and dark lights will give it a more exclusive and relaxing feel. Think about what resonates most with you, and then make your home consistent with that style.


Once you get the hang of it, you might find that many of your neighbors start coming to you for advice on their lighting, after seeing how well you’ve been able to use it.


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