The Acetarium | What Defines An Exclusive Italian Restaurant?
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What Defines An Exclusive Italian Restaurant?


What Defines An Exclusive Italian Restaurant?

No matter what part of the world you belong to, you’ll always love Italian cuisine. It’s not only the taste of their food and their exclusive dishes, in fact, the Italian dining culture is quite interesting too, and that’s what we are here to discuss today. Especially if you are going to visit Italy or if you are looking for an Italian restaurant in your country, this article is a must-read for you. Because today we are going to tell you some interesting facts about Italian restaurants and what defines Italian cuisine.

The Dinner Is Served Late

Unlike other countries, Italians eat dinner late. If you head out in Italy in search of dinner at 5:30 pm, chances are that you won’t find a lot of restaurants open at that time. For lunch, these restaurants open at 12 pm and then close by 2:30 pm. Then again these people open their restaurants at 7 pm for dinner. In fact, even if you decide to have dinner by 7:30, you’ll find the restaurant pretty much to yourself alone because Italians usually sit down for dinner by 9:30 or 9 pm. The kitchens however close by 11:30 pm so you have to be a little quick with your meals or you’ll end up with some grumpy waiters, waiting for you to head out.

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3 Course Meals

Usually, when people visit a restaurant, they just order the main course, and once they are done, they head out. But that’s not what an exclusive Italian restaurant allows you. In an Italian restaurant, you have to order a 3 course meal that starts with appetizers, then comes the pasta and then the meat. Here’s what you’ll see in an Italian menu;

  • Antipasti (appetizer)
  • Primi (pasta first course)
  • Secondi (a main course that has meat in it)
  • Dolci (desserts)
  • Contorni (sides)

Yes, you read that, right! Italians do eat a lot, but the only issue is that you have a very short time to finish your meals. Even if you order all of the above-mentioned things, you’ll still have a maximum of 3 hours to finish it so if you visit an Italian restaurant, make sure to pace things up.

No Bill Splitting Tradition

An exclusive Italian restaurant never manages the requests of the customers that are unreasonable for them or are difficult to manage. Now if you are thinking of handing over three credit cards to the waiter to split one bill then know that this won’t work in an Italian restaurant. You have to make things easier for them and pay them in cash or simply hand over one credit card.

This is all that you should know about an exclusive Italian restaurant. One thing is for sure that if you want some finger-licking good pasta that makes your taste buds go crazy then Italian restaurants are the best place for you. These people have quite strict rules, especially when it comes to great tasting wine, cheese that will melt in your mouth and pasta that will make your mouth all watery.

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